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PEANPennsylvania Environmental Assistance Network
PEANProbabilistic Energy Aware Neighbor (mobile networks)
PEANPhotochemical Experiment at Neumayer (est. 1999)
PEANPhilosophy of Education Association of Nigeria
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Pean produced a book on Rwanda and became an implacable opponent of the RPF regime in Kigali under President Paul Kagame.
Pean joined Bain in 1983 and has been serving clients in the Middle East including local companies, multinational corporations, family-owned conglomerates and private equity funds for more than 15 years.
And while Pean's writings "could legitimately offend those he targets," it said they "contained no call for discrimination, hatred or violence liable to provoke a rejection or negative reaction towards Tutsis."
"Bain has had the privilege of working with some of the leading companies in the region, helping generate enduring business results while strengthening our client teams," said Jean-Marie Pean, managing director Bain & Company Middle East.
Amongst the allegations made by Pean and Cohen is that Le Monde played a part in the downfall of former prime minister Lionel Jospin by giving one of his biographers a job in exchange for proof that Jospin once had links to the Trotskyite movement.
While some of the differences between Duras's and Pean's accounts can be attributed simply to divergent interpretations of events by the various actors involved, others are more difficult to explain.
Regiment 424 commander Sin Pean could not be reached for comment yesterday, but told The Post earlier this week that he had punished and 'educated' Duong.
Once again a procure- ment-led process, it is being run through the airline's Euro- pean bases in London andGermany.
Bien qu'il soit le premier a etre qualifie de journaliste d'investigation, Pierre Pean, ancien journaliste du Canard enchaEne, de l'AFP et actuel conseiller du magazine Marianne, rejette en bloc cette appellation.
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Hungary says it will defend its 2010 decision to impose special taxes on telecommunications firms despite a warning from the Euro pean Union that it could take the country to court if the levies are maintained.
"Our observations indicate a post-mortem treatment of human corpses including the selection of the skull," Discovery News quoted co-author Stephane Pean, a paleozoologist and archaeologist at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, as saying.