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PEAQPerceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (ITU-R)
PEAQProgram to Evaluate and Advance Quality (postsecondary accreditation term)
PEAQPredictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality
PEAQPractical Experience Assessment Questionnaire (Canada)
PEAQPost Entry Animal Quarantine (Australia)
PEAQPrediction of Alfalfa Quality
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Three major brands, Onkyo, PEAQ and Pure, have already announced that they are using the full suite of Caskeid technologies in their products.
PEAQ is Media Markt and Saturn s own brand for sophisticated entertainment and the MUNET intelligent audio system range, initially five products, will deliver endless music enjoyment around the home.
PEAQ MUNET products based on Caskeid will be compatible not only with each other, but also with other devices based on Caskeid, enabling users to enjoy the widest choice and best quality.