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PEAQPerceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality (ITU-R)
PEAQProgram to Evaluate and Advance Quality (postsecondary accreditation term)
PEAQPredictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality
PEAQPractical Experience Assessment Questionnaire (Canada)
PEAQPost Entry Animal Quarantine (Australia)
PEAQPrediction of Alfalfa Quality
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Additionally, PSNR, CC, and PEAQ values are also analyzed to determine the perceptual noise recorded due to secret message embedding and extraction.
Secret image and Graphic plot of Graphic plot of cover audio cover audio stego audio embedded in bob.wav embedded in mm.wav embedded in mj.wav embedded in tt.wav Secret image and PSNR PEAQ CC cover audio (in dB) (in MOS) embedded in bob.wav 86.1450 3.99 0.9854 embedded in mm.wav 90.8836 4.02 0.9854 embedded in mj.wav 82.1531 3.98 0.9858 embedded in tt.wav 90.5024 4.04 0.9986 Table 5: Experimental results of AWGN stego analysis attack.
Currently, the Wyoming community colleges follow the HLC Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality (PEAQ) to maintain accreditation status.