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PEARSPediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (health care)
PEARSPrimary Eyecare Acute Referral Scheme (UK)
PEARSPrintmaking Education and Research Studio (North Dakota State University; Fargo, ND)
PEARSPalmetto Economic Analysis and Research System (South Carolina)
PEARSPorcine Epidemic and Respiratory Syndrome
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Pears provides the introduction in which he expresses his pride in the growth and success of the festival which began as a modest idea.
Pears are a filling fruit, high in fiber and a long list of antioxidants.
Was established in 1931 as a nonprofit marketing organization to promote the fresh pears grown in Oregon and Washington.
2 THEY CAN HELP WITH WEIGHT MANAGEMENT WHILE the calorie content of some fruits, such as dates and avocados, can put some people off, there is no such issue with pears.
I've decided to poach these pears in pear cider along with some spices to bring out the flavour of the fruit.
This growing trend, he said, has prompted the ministry to request the preparation of research by the commerce ministry on the prospects of selling prickly pears abroad.
A new population of one of the world's most endangered trees, the Bukharan pear, has been confirmed in a remote corner of Kyrgyzstan, according to the
The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and CNPP MyPlate advice people who eat more fruits as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to reduce their risk of some chronic diseases, although little is published on the health outcomes associated with individual fruits, including pears.
Pears posted an even contribution to produce dollar sales in each of the four U.S.
"This vocation is one of the most painful because prickly pears are known for their thorny skins that easily stick to the hands," the 20-year-old peddler told Gulf News.
If you have time, rather than baked apples, you can create baked pears. Cut several pears in half and scoop out the seeds.