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PEATPatient Environment Action Team (UK)
PEATPhotosensitive Epilepsy Analysis Tool (software resource; Trace Center; University of Wisconsin)
PEATParents' Education as Autism Therapists (Northern Ireland, UK)
PEATProfessional English Assessment for Teachers (Australia)
PEATPrimordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (energy psychology)
PEATProject Economic Analysis Tool (software)
PEATPartners in Eco-Adventure Tourism (Canada)
PEATPsycho-Energetic Auro Technology
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The supply of peat in northwestern Ontario is sufficient to power the Atikokan generating station for many years, he said, at a Thunder Bay press conference in November.
The environmental groups want governments across the UK to take urgent steps to end peat use in horticulture, and for industry bodies, leading DIY stores, garden centres and other retailers to work more quickly to introduce sustainable, high-quality alternatives.
Andy Polkey, senior reserves manager for NRW, R said: "Healthy peat bogs are rare, provide habitats for special wildlife and bring a huge benefit when it comes to climate change so it's important to maintain them as best we can.
C] dating from Baram in northern Sarawak indicates that the sea was at the inland margin of the peat swamp about 5400 years ago (Wilford, 1960; Murtedza et al.
This Global Peat market study published on December 15, 2015 and divided into 13 major chapters is now available with eMarketorg.
Several researchers have studied the composition, structures and properties of peat species, using several chemical, physicochemical and biological methods.
Peat fires are one of the hardest types of wildfire to extinguish as a peat fire can smoulder underground with almost no indication of where the fire is, or how intense it is.
Flat topography and fine-grained sediments have favoured the paludification of the area and formation of raised bogs with a 5-7 m thick peat cover.
The aim of this study is to analyse the relations among the properties of peat, peat humic acid (HA), and peat humification degree.
Dr Peat will bank his taxpayer-funded lump sum and pension to walk into his top government post straight away.