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PEBBPower Electronic Building Block
PEBBPublic Employees Benefits Board
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PEBB Capital is a multi-strategy, global real estate and private equity investment firm - in partnership with TriArch Real Estate Group - a full-service real estate investment and management firm .
Collegium Capital Partners LLC, a subsidiary of Pebb Capital, is a specialised owner / operator of student housing assets nationwide.
They found that the crystallinity and melting points exhibited the classical vshaped relationship when proceeding from pure PET to pure PEBB, while the [T.sub.g] increased moderately with increasing 4.4'-bibenzoate content (10).
SB 6221 creates Washington Health Partnership, a public-private organization modeled after the Public Empl6yees Benefits Board (PEBB).
Power Electronics Building Blocks (PEBB) Program (Joseph C.
PEBBLE Beach, as the name of Barratt's new development suggests, is literally a stone's throw from the beach - and, yes, it is pebb