PEBLOPhysical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer
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(72) Once the findings are certified by the USAPDA they are forwarded to the PEBLO to inform the Soldier.
The Soldier's commander must notify the Soldier's PEBLO in writing that administrative separation action has been initiated.
If a Soldier misses ("no-shows") any appointment without any prior notification to the unit command and [physical evaluation board liaison officer (PEBLO)], the unit must allocate resources and assign an escort to accompany the Soldier to all future IDES appointments.
The PEBLO coordinates all IDES actions among the service members and their commanders.
A total of 947 servicemembers who sustained an amputation had final PEBLO duty disposition information available at the time of data collection.
On average, each servicemember with amputation was denoted 2.3 disabling conditions by the PEBLO (range: 1 to 8 disabling conditions).
When analyzing RTD rates in general, only 2 percent of all servicemembers with amputation, regardless of service branch, were declared Fit and another 11 percent were declared COAD by the PEBLO. When comparing RTD rates of this study with previous studies from OIF, OEF, and OND, our overall RTD rate of 13 percent was lower yet comparable with those previously published [3-4].
They have a lawyer (medical evaluation board outreach counselor), ombudsman, PEBLO (and) MSC (military service coordinator) on their side," explained Mark Rivera, a supervisory PEBLO at Irwin Army Community Hospital in Fort Riley, Kan.
"IDES has increased their trust in their PEBLO and the Army.
Through IDES, trained PEBLOs, military service coordinators for the VA, medical evaluation board providers and other professionals work together to assist Soldiers going through the disability process.
The Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers (PEBLOs) are the administrative liaisons between Warriors in Transition* and the MEB/PEB processes.
PEBLOs are available to provide counseling to Warriors in Transition from the time they are referred for MEB processing through the time they are separated from military service.