PEBSPositive Effective Behaviour Supports (Canada)
PEBSPotential Energy Boundary Surface
PEBSPublic Employees Benefit System (Nevada)
PEBSPercutaneous-Endoscopic Biliary Stent
PEBSPulse Electron Beam Scanner
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Companies Mentioned in this Report: Tata BlueScope Steel, Kirby Building Systems, Interarch Building Products, Jindal Buildsys Limited, Era Infra, Everest Industries, Lloyd Insulations, Multicolor Steels, PEBS Pennar, SML Group, Smith Structures, Tiger Steel Engineering
The participants in the study were all high-achieving students who participated in an SDT-based educational program aimed at advancing excellence, leadership, and self-determination, with the emphasis on encouraging PEBs. The program places an emphasis on creating an educational setting that supports basic psychological needs (Deci & Ryan, 2000; 2012), as a process aimed at promoting autonomous motivation and active involvement of young people from the Bedouin community in Israel in topics associated with the natural and human environments in their localities.
Mr Turki noted that architectural aesthetics was increasingly driving commercial sector PEBs, unlike in the warehousing field.
While growth in infrastructure and construction sectors over the past few years has slowed down, the Hyderabad-based maker of pre-engineered steel buildings, Pennar Engineered Building Systems (PEBS Pennar), seems to have made rapid strides.
This was a forum to address contractor compliance, share best practices, provide direction to contractors, discuss contract officer's representative and quality assurance officer audits, identify performance trends, and prepare for monthly audits, quarterly PEBs, and semiannual award fee evaluation boards (AFEBs).
It is one of India's largest manufacturers and sellers of AC roofing, and has diversified into non-asbestos building products such as roofing sheets, flooring, cladding, and other boards, and the design, manufacture, and erection of PEBs. Revenues from AC roofing accounted for 64 per cent of the company's revenues in 2009-10, PEBs (19 per cent) and non-asbestos business (17 per cent).
AS ONE one of the world's largest manufacturers of pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) and the Middle East's premier supplier of steel construction products, Zamil Steel has been involved in the construction of numerous industrial facilities in the region, apart from a host of commercial development projects.
The automotive supplier's new radar system will be part of the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the Predictive Emergency Braking System (PEBS), which significantly improve driving safety.
R.I.P Pebs, Annette COWLE Iris Passed peacefully away on Tuesday, 16th February, 2010.
Elaborating on the business opportunities in PEBs, Gandhi said: "The overall costs of PEBs are lower than conventional building systems.