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PECAConformity Assessment and the Acceptance of Industrial Products (agreements between EU and candidate countries on free movement of goods)
PECAPurchased Electric Commodity Account (power procurement costs)
PECAProfessional Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.
PECAPunjab Educational and Cultural Activities Trust (India)
PECAPatrick E. Carroll and Associates (Cypress, CA)
PECAPulaski Enterprise Community Alliance (Arkansas)
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According to the amended charge, both the accused used the equipment to counterfeit the ATM cards/credit cards with dishonest intentions for unauthorised access to the information system or data to unauthorised copying or transmitting the data, thus committed an offence punishable under Sections 3 (unauthorised access to information system or data), 4 (unauthorised copying or transmission of data) of the PECA, 2016.
In the petition, Nasir Janjua stated that primarily there were three allegations which bring the case within the ambit of PECA: (i) securing video of some person, (ii) releasing the said video through any mode i.e.
Making Federal government through Secretary Interior and the FIA through Additional Director General Cybercrime Wing Islamabad as respondents in the matter the petitioner Ramis Sohail said the objective of enactment of PECA 2016 was to make the public safe and provide a sense of security to the public while accessing the internet.
Top IMS will also be invited to complete the list of the participants in the tournament, which will be held in cooperation with the PECA.
According to the FIR registered against the former senator with criminal intent had used sarcastic, derogatory and defamatory language against the then chief justice of Pakistan and was prima facie guilty of offences punishable under sections 10(a), 11 and 20 of Peca, read with sections 109 and 509 of the PPC.
Only once new laws are applied and brought into practice, such as Peca, can they be tweaked and improved upon.
No rosto da figura, ainda que esteja simplesmente esquicado, a asperezas dos seus tracos acrescentam um valor realista a peca.
This responsibility was handed over to PTA under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), 2016.
Although what constitutes as "objectionable" is open to interpretation, online content is monitored under the Prevention of Electronics Crime Act (Peca), which defines "unlawful online content".
So she began stocking her shelves with magazine-worthy goods, including sculptural brass-and-stone candlesticks by Peca and statement-making Caralarga necklaces fashioned from raw cotton and jute.
COVENTRY Blaze have added Canadian forward Dorian Peca to their line-up for the rest of the season.
Na peca em latim, a personagem comete o duplo assassinato dos filhos em cena, contrariamente a prescricao da poetica de Horacio, (1) e faz um ritual de magia no qual inverte os ciclos da natureza e verte o proprio sangue no palco.