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PECHORAPaleo Environment and Climate History of the Russian Arctic
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The Kamenka River section, Pechora Swell, North Russia.
parent company of both "Pechora Energy Company" and "OJSC VIK".
Normally the best place in western Europe to see the Pechora pipit is Fair Isle, just south of the Shetland Islands.
In July 2001, the Indian MoD floated a selected global tender for modernization of the Indian Air Force's 60 Pechora air-defense systems, inviting defense firms from the UK, Israel, and France, along with Russia and Poland.
The modernized variant in question is reportedly the M2 version of the S-125 Pechora, which in addition to having an improved kill probability record, is technically capable of tracking and intercepting low-flying cruise missiles.
The company is to concentrate on its effort on seismic exploration in fields in Yamal, Uvat, Orenburg, Timan Pechora and Astrakhan.
It has also unveiled plans to introduce base stations in Vorkuta, Usinsk and Pechora in the Komi Republic region.
He also said Transneft had put a preliminary price tag of $2.2 billion on a pipeline from northern Russia to the Arctic Ocean (Kharyaga to Indiga, being lobbied by Lukoil), which is expected to ship 500,000 bpd of Timan Pechora oil.
On September 30, the Pentagon unveiled a picture of an Iraqi S-125M Pechora (NATO: SA-3) mobile air-defense system, taken in July by a coalition aircraft during a sortie in support of Operation Southern Watch.
Tenders are invited for supply of textbooks for the needs of the pechora municipal general education institution "grammar school no.
The locals have been to Kiev at the Expo, are about to buy 'Pechora' and something more serious.
Russian border guards seized the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise ship on September 19, after several activists tried to scale an oil rig operated by an affiliate of state-run energy giant Gazprom in the Pechora Sea.