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PECOSProvider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (Medicare provider online enrollment system)
PECOSPredictive Engineering and Computational Sciences (University of Texas)
PECOSProfessional Electronic Commerce Online System (software)
PECOSPreemptive Control Signature
PECOSProgram Environment Check-Out System
PECOSPersonnel Contamination Sensor
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East Pecos Mutual Domestic Water Users Association in San Miguel County will receive $1,068,000 in loans and $2,990,900 in grants to connect members of the East Pecos community, an unincorporated area in a persistent poverty county, to the wastewater system at the Village of Pecos.
Located in Eddy and Lea counties in New Mexico and Culberson and Loving counties in Texas, the Pecos Star System offers oil and gas producers access to integrated water, transportation, disposal and recycling infrastructure in the Delaware Basin.
"We have seen a surge of seismic activity around Pecos in the last five to six years.
Biostage said it has responded to First Pecos's notice.
The Pecos terminal is the first unit-train-capable facility in the southern Delaware Basin that is served directly by Union Pacific Railroad, according to the company.
The 148-mile, 42-inch intrastate pipeline traverses Pecos, Brewster and Presidio counties and ends at the Texas border near Presidio.
Robbie Petty, Ed Beeh, and Chuck Gibson with SRS represented the Landlord, Pecos and Higley, LLC, in listed transactions.
We surveyed fish assemblages at 12 sites in the main stem of the Pecos River (U.S.
In order to submit a claim for Medicare services, a provider not only needs an NPI, but must also be enrolled in PECOS. This applies to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, certified clinical nurse specialists, clinical psychologists, certified nurse midwives, and clinical social workers.
He put his 5300-acre Pecos River Ranch on the market for $33million in 2009.
CMS, the HHS agency responsible for managing these two programs, maintains ownership and chain data in its Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System (PECOS).
Q Please explain the Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System (PECOS) and how it may affect laboratory services.