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PECTPeterborough Environment City Trust (UK charity)
PECTPusan East Container Terminal (South Korea)
PECTPrediction-Enabled Component Technology (computer research project; Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA)
PECTPositron Emission Computed Tomography (scanning studies)
PECTPneumatics Electronics and Control Technology
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He was a rather hard lot, take him how you might; but then you couldn't fairly ex- pect a man to be sweet that had been set back so.
The whole place wore a business-like as- pect very unlike the neighboring farms.
At last I was exasperated into saying, "Why don't you put the matter at rest by talking to Her mann?" and I added sneeringly: "You don't ex pect me perhaps to speak for you?"
I ex- pected at least to see smoke or fire, or some such evidence of its work.
So they played Robin Hood all the afternoon, now and then casting a yearning eye down upon the haunted house and passing a remark about the morrow's pros- pects and possibilities there.
And how could they be ex- pected to keep awake while on duty?
"He ex- pects to take her up the river the day after tomorrow."
the purpose of the contract is the external technical advice service to carry out technical assistance, Support and scientific advice on the coordination fees of the pect girona, Regi saludable.
PECT. Warren says he felt the strain in acquiring a business permit, and was at first reluctant to manage the business.
Second Circuit: Judge Augustus Aikens said the circuit currently has two components to its PECT program: school/civic speakers and communications.
Now the Jamaican-born Canadian faces the pros- pect of being permanently banned from big-time athletics and losing millions of dollars.