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PECTSPerformance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (Symposium)
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So they played Robin Hood all the afternoon, now and then casting a yearning eye down upon the haunted house and passing a remark about the morrow's pros- pects and possibilities there.
"He ex- pects to take her up the river the day after tomorrow."
He was a rather hard lot, take him how you might; but then you couldn't fairly ex- pect a man to be sweet that had been set back so.
The whole place wore a business-like as- pect very unlike the neighboring farms.
I ex- pected at least to see smoke or fire, or some such evidence of its work.
At last I was exasperated into saying, "Why don't you put the matter at rest by talking to Her mann?" and I added sneeringly: "You don't ex pect me perhaps to speak for you?"
And how could they be ex- pected to keep awake while on duty?
Paul Williams, director of corporate banking, who has been recruited from the Royal Bank of Scotland, said, 'We are excited about the pros- pects here for the South Wales economy.
At a March 8 meeting of the Conference, representatives from each of the state's 20 circuits met as part of the Public Education of the Court Teams (PECTs) project.