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PEDARPostsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports (United States Department of Education)
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The investigators next equipped the ballet shoes of each participant with Pedar insoles of appropriate size and assisted her with putting them on.
In data processing the kinematic and ground reaction force, data were synchronized by identifying the point of first foot contact in both the video and Pedar output for landing the grand jete.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that donations be made to the Pedar Gilley Memorial Fund, c/o Bay State Savings Bank, 123 Auburn St.
Systems, such as Pedar Mobile System (Novel Electronics, St.
Validity of the Pedar Mobile system for vertical force measurement during a seven-hour period.
Pedar insole pressure sensors were taped to the insole of the paratrooper boots.
Most of the apparatus involved in this study, including the Harlequin' WoodSpring Dance Floor, the Pedar insole vertical force measurement system, and the Sports Motion two-dimensional analysis system, were the same as in the previous study.
The video and force data were synchronized using a LED signal from the Pedar mobile data collection box, which flashed when the data collection signal was sent to it.
The Pedar PI (Pedar, Novel, Munich, Germany) was located inside the boots of all skiers.
2006) Accuracy and repeatability of the Pedar Mobile system in long-term vertical force measurements.