PEDDPlanning and Economic Development Department
PEDDPortable Electronic Display Device
PEDDPan European Direct Debit
PEDDPaired Emitter-Detector Diode
PEDDPatrol Explosive Detection Dog
PEDDPro-Active Earliest Due Date
PEDDProgram Element Description Data (sheet)
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The PEDD is a wonderful tool that displays notes, warnings and cautions not found in the schematics.
The scores from each event were added, minus the special event, to decide the 2006 FORSCOM top patrol narcotic detector dog team, the top patrol explosive detector dog (PEDD) team, and the top kennels.
Friedman, "The Pedd ler's Progress: Salesmanship, Science, and Magic, 1880 to 1940," (Ph.D.
On the ground at HSL-41, the squadron has an IMDS ground station, a JAHUMS ground station, a JAHUMS portable electronic display device (PEDD), and a 45-inch, plasma, flat-screen for real-time flight monitoring or flight playback.
2B: RW: Pedd. IC: Faber-Cournane, Eccardt; 3B: RW: O'Leary.
They were able to leave masses of paper at their base and instead took the JATDI laptops and PEDDs to support maintenance efforts.