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PEEPlan d'Epargne Entreprise
PEEPhotoelectric Effect
PEEPoste d'Expansion Économique (French: Economic Expansion Program)
PEEPentium Extreme Edition (Intel)
PEEProfessional Engineers in Education (division of NSPE)
PEEPoint Evidence Explanation (writing)
PEEPerm, Russia - Perm (Airport Code)
PEEPetroleum Ether Extract
PEEPhoto-Electron Emission
PEEPhosphate Eliminating Enzyme (deficiency)
PEEPropolis Ethanol Extract
PEEProgram Estimating Equation
PEEPhoto-Emission Effect
PEEPressure Environment Equipment
PEEProcédure d'Exécution d'Essais (French: Test Execution Procedure)
PEEPharmaceutical Executive Europe
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Forbes, without a doubt one of the most scent-attentive sportsmen I've ever hunted with, says truly big deer will know something is amiss, and the day you pee from your stand might be the one day that big guy was going to cruise by.
What if your pee turns out to be something a little more substantial, will Ryanair have the right to wipe the floor with you and charge you a fiver?
Pee time - 46 minute mark Pee cue - After the sorting hat scene, Dumbledore says: "Let the feast begin.
According to Anchorage Daily News, at least four mushers are testing the pee pants, which look like bicycle shorts with a funnel and tube that runs to a collection bag that is attached to the musher's boot.
The Mighty Mites are comprised of players who are 7- and 8-years old, while the Junior Pee Wees are ages 9, 10 and 11.
Champions: The Valencia Express Pee Wee team won the Pee Wee B Division of its own Toast of the Coast Tournament last Sunday.
Or worse still walk right into the pee that is flowing all over the place.
Now the winner of 10 races, Dee Pee Tee Cee, who banged a leg at the end of his three-year-old campaign and had to have a winter off, was sent hurdling last winter.
The Oscar winner, who plays the ex-Disney star's older love interest, was required to pee on his leg to soothe the pain of a jellyfish sting.
Maybe I might get Michael Phelps in there, see who can pee the best.
The Charlton Dudley Rams Youth Football and Cheer league had four squads win state championships this season as both the Junior Pee Wee and Pee Wee football teams were victorious in state championship games while both the Junior Pee Wee and Junior Midget cheerleaders prevailed in the state championship competitions - and then took first place in the regionals.
Little Monkey can pee very well and begins his own circus to show off his talents to all.