PEECPocono Environmental Education Center (Pennsylvania)
PEECPartial Element Equivalent Circuit
PEECProfessional Ethics Executive Committee (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
PEECPhillips Eco Enterprise Center (business center; The Green Institute; Minneapolis, MN)
PEECProgrammed Escape from the Evolution of Cancer
PEECProvincial Environmental Education Centers
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But the PEEC wants Mr Weir to go further and prevent the authority from implementing a reduction in provision.
As for PEEC, it was comprised of the four principles that I thought were most important to share with those I met when networking.
This new physics-based MOR approach works for problems that can be well modeled by a quasi-static PEEC, e.g., electrically small structures in free-space or in a multilayer substrate.
"A variable syntax of s peec h, gesture and sound effect: d i rect quotations in Spanish".
Among all existing techniques, the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) technique [1] has been widely used for modeling of different electromagnetic-related issues [2-4], including electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic interference (EMI), as well as signal integrity (SI) for high-speed electronic circuits.
The proposed approach combines Partial Element Equivalent Circuit (PEEC) method with the exact closed formulae for AC self and mutual inductances of rectangular conductors of any dimensions, which allows the precise accounting of skin and proximity effects.
En la tabla 1 aparecen dichos factores, a saber: Excesiva preocupacion por los errores y duda sobre la calidad de las propias acciones (EPEDUCA); Percepcion de elevadas expectativas paternas y elevada actitud critica (PEEC); Preferencia por el orden y la organizacion (PO) y Criterios elevados (CE).
Partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) model can be represented as a stochastic jump system as in (3) with the abrupt variation in structures and parameters [38].
As said in the literature [32], with the abrupt variation in its structures and parameters, we can present the partial element equivalent circuit (PEEC) model as a stochastic jump one.