PEECHProspective Evaluation of EECP in Congestive Heart Failure
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Clinical trials update from the American College of Cardiology meeting: CAREHF and the remission of heart failure, Women's Health Study, TNT, COMPASS-HF, VERITAS, CANPAP, PEECH and PREMIER.
Improvement in NYHA class was a secondary PEECH end point.
All of the patients in the PEECH trial received medications according to guidelines established by heart failure experts, but those receiving EECP([R]) therapy experienced significant improvements in exercise performance and symptoms above and beyond those who did not," said Charles W.
professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, and principal investigator for the PEECH trial noted, "Results of the PEECH trial, specifically the greater benefit observed in ischemic heart failure patients, are consistent with prior studies of EECP in patients with ischemic heart disease, including a randomized trial in angina, several case-series controlled studies, and a large patient registry.
It is possible that CMS came to this conclusion because they could not put sufficient weight on the evidence from the PEECH trial as the results have yet to be published in a peer-reviewed publication.
Thomas Glover, president and chief executive officer, commented, "We have recently concluded several large successful projects, the PEECH clinical study trial and the introduction of the state-of-the-art Lumenair(TM) EECP(R) therapy system, that marked turning points in our company's history and serve to position us for the future.
Vasomedical intends to submit a coverage application to CMS in parallel with publication of the results of the PEECH clinical study in a major peer-reviewed medical journal, which is a prerequisite for final decision.
Arthur Feldman, MD, professor and chairman of the Department of Medicine at the Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, PA) will present the results of the PEECH trial today at 4:00 p.
PEECH Trial for Congestive Heart Failure as well as Angina Studies of EECP(R) Therapy to be Featured at World's Leading Cardiology Conference
We were also affected by a number of potential customers deciding to delay their purchases of new systems in anticipation of the announcement of the PEECH clinical trial results and the results of planned and unplanned turnover in our sales force.
While controlled studies, such as our MUST-EECP (Multi-center Study of Enhanced External Counterpulsation) and PEECH (Prospective Evaluation of EECP in Congestive Heart Failure) trials, play an important role in understanding the benefits of our innovative therapy, the IEPR documents outcomes in real-life settings more often seen in daily practice.