PEEIPrincipal European Economic Indicators
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Only four of the 19 PEEIs are still below target or are not yet available.
immediate start-up of a revision of the PEEIs five years after their introduction.
25 April 2014 - US solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) components and systems maker WATT Fuel Cell Corp said it had bought local SOFC developer Pittsburgh Electric Engines Inc (PEEI), without revealing financial details.
The addition of the larger tubular cell format developed by PEEI to WATT's existing technology will substantially expand the market scope for the enlarged company, the buyer's CEO, Caine Finnerty, commented.
Supply, transfer by own means of the contractor, transhipment and diesel delivery 1 650 000 lt in DIADYMA SA and specifically in the Central Integrated Facility Management (PEEI - South Field PPC) and within the already existing above ground tanks of enterprise.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of Container ( 20 X 20 Peei) for transportation 01 Goods as mentioned in attached lisi of ihc lender.