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PEEKPartners Early Experience Kit
PEEKPerceptions, Expectations, Emotions and Knowledge (college assessment tool)
PEEKPrinceton Engineering Education for Kids (Princeton, NJ)
PEEKPortable Electrical Equipment Kit (International Space Station; US NASA)
PEEKPeabody Early Experience Kit (education)
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MWCNTs/PEEK nanocomposites were fabricated by dispersing 6.5 wt% MWCNTs in the PEEK polymer matrix.
Mamiye plans to continue to grow the Peek brand by offering the high-quality, whimsical fashion that Peek is known for.
The exclusive Peek Freans Cafe served delectable canapes and cookie desserts, hors d'oeuvres and one bite desserts: using their unique products, all of which were very economically priced too.
"PEEK is an invention that inspires others to invent," observes Jakob Sigurdsson, Victrex CEO.
All of the patients had undergone the procedure of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with titanium or PEEK (polyetheretherketone) cages.
Thus, prolonged interaction of PEEK with these solvents requires some additional treatment to make PEEK sustainable in these harsh environments.
JBU-900X modified PEEK can be used to produce stock shapes such as sheets, rods, tubes, gears, casings, wire and cable insulations, and film that better withstand demanding operational conditions, according to the manufacturer.
PEEKplus is the first and only FDA-cleared nanotextured surface on a PEEK interbody device.
While Solvay's advanced PEEK polymer was historically limited to conventional processing methods, the newly launched KetaSpire PEEK AM filaments now make this material an option for additive manufacturing applications that demand a higher level of end-part performance.]
Peek Vision was a world leader in using smartphone technology and training healthcare workforces in developing countries to eliminate preventable blindness and poor vision, while CBM was an international non-governmental development organisation working in the field of disability globally for over 100 years with a major focus on eye care.