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PEELProject for Enhancing Effective Learning
PEELProgrammable Electrically Erasable Logic
PEELPlanet Express Employee Lounge (message board)
PEELPercussion vs Electronics
PEELPoint, Example, Explanation, Link (essay writing aid)
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Deeper co-operation between the State Government, potential Singaporean investors and the academic sector will help to drive commercial agriculture opportunities in the Peel region and research and technology trials in intensive food and agriculture production, processing and value-add.
Additionally, IPS Vice President Peter Rullan, MD, will host the Medium and Deep Chemical Peel Hands-on Workshop from February 14-15.
It is the mother of all peels as when it comes to complementing all skin types, this peel ingests into the skin and peels off the dead cells on the epidermis (skin), which results in a glowing skin.
Take a chilled coupe or martini glass and flame all but one of the peel swathes by holding a match between the glass and the peel and squeezing the peel so the orange oils are directed towards the flame and the glass.
He also said "productive meetings" had been held with Aviation Minister Lord Callanan, Peel Airports and others in the aviation industry "who are all working with me to help secure my ambitions".
In the processing of fruits, peel is a major by-product and represents a serious disposal problem.
Orange peel or any other citrus fruit peel enhances the flavours of a dish.
Glycolic acid peel, also known as fruit peel is the most common alpha-hydroxy acid peel.
75 mass%) ethylene, after melt-crystallization is accompanied/paralleled by a reduction of the peel force in an LDPE-based peel system containing 20 mass% iPB-Eth, after prior sealing at 140[degrees]C [18].
What's more, the infrared process may help reduce wasteful "over peeling" of tomatoes that can occur when too many layers of the tomato are inadvertently removed along with the peel.
Infrared technology primarily affects only the peel and a few thin layers beneath it.
e Peel Society was founded in 1979 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Metropolitan Police Force.