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PEELSPre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study (National Center for Special Education Research; US Department of Education)
PEELSParallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
PEELSPrimary Electrical Equipment Life Support
PEELSParametric Endo/Exoatmosheric Lethality Simulation
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If to a little child or to his cook were revealed what he saw, it or she would have been able to peel the wrappings off what was seen.
If that's not the boy, sir, who had the orange, and threw this bit of peel upon the staircase, I'll eat my head, and his too.
Pickwick took another, just to see whether there was any orange peel in the punch, because orange peel always disagreed with him; and finding that there was not, Mr.
So I used to come out at night after they'd gone to bed, and feel about in the dark for bits of biscuit, or sangwitches that you'd left in the office, or even pieces of orange peel to put into cold water and make believe it was wine.
In one case, a California woman suffered seizure, shock and second-degree burns after a mixture of skin peel chemicals was applied to her legs by a beautician.
The coffeecake, baked in a springform pan, sports grated orange peel, orange extract and chopped walnuts in a sour cream batter and is topped with a crumb mixture.
Petersmeyer stated that a university-based clinical study comparing the Refinity Skin Refining System (in-office treatment) with conventional 70% glycolic acid peels found that Refinity reduced sensory irritation (stinging, burning, itching) by an average of 77%.
Unlike glycolic acid peels, it can be applied almost anywhere on the body.
Open bag and peel away charred skin with a dull knife.
PEELS are truly an escape from ordinary beverages," said Stacey Berg, manager, The Peels Beverage Company.
Peel mango and cut flesh from pit; cut flesh into 3/4-inch cubes.
The unique, patent pending, electric desktop machine automatically peels Avery mailing labels from the backing sheet.