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PEEMPhotoemission Electron Microscope
PEEMPhoto-Emission Electron Microscopy
PEEMPanel of Experts on Environmental Management
PEEMPower Electronics and Electric Machines
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In addition to the imaging XPS capabilities, the NanoESCA offers imaging resolution below 50 nm for survey images (PEEM mode).
Schaefer, a long-time manufacturer of containers, totes, and storage and staging equipment, purchased PEEM Conveyor Systems of Austria late in the year.
Schaefer Systems International (SSI), a company long known for storage systems, plastic totes and containers, continued its expansion into materials handling systems with the acquisition of Austria-based PEEM Conveyor Systems.
PEEM manufactures conveyors, order-picking units, and fulfillment systems.
He said that the addition of PEEM complements Schaefer's Noell automation systems, which include a line of automated storage and retrieval systems.
The first readers enjoyed tales of Whoopee Hank - the Slap Dash Sheriff, Ping the Elastic Man, Hairy Dan, Tin Can Tommy the Clockwork Boy and Wee Peem - he's a proper scream.
- Peem, The Cambridge Bar, Addiewell, West Lothian.
(DTI) is a systems supplier with a license to distribute PEMAT automated picking machines developed by PEEM, an Austrian firm.
He revealed that peems, novels, and all kinds of art helped him parse out the history of the kiss.