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If using a ball-peen hammer, use the ball side of the hammer to hit the rivet shaft and peen it in a concentric circular pattern until the shaft is flattened enough to secure the burr.
"There are other ways to peen, more old-school ways," Leppold said.
If any shot breaks in half or chips instead of reducing circumference in a balanced manner, it will scratch instead of peen. The system needed to automatically remove broken spheres when recycling the media.
You can form thin metal by applying light, steady blows with the peen of the hammer.
The hammer is designed with a regular striking face on one end and a rounded or half ball or peen on the other end taking the place of a claw.
As the peen twirls at a 3- to 6-degree angle, the head is lowered precisely to a set location (form-to-height) or pressure (form-to-force) on a rivet, post, pin, hub, tube or other type of fastening material.
The Coventry facility has been accredited for computer-controlled and automatic processing, and Slough for automatic, manual and peen forming processes.
According to Phipps, during the recent economic downturn Columbia not only accelerated product development efforts, but also partnered with Richter Systems and Machines in Germany to provide the EasyMarker and UniGrav Series of programmable peen marking systems in North America.
Ford has a lot riding on its 500 hp GT supercar, so to make sure each engine is assembled properly it is using the Richter UniGrav programmable peen marking machine from Columbia Marking Tools (CMT; Harrison Twp., MI; to mark its cylinder head bearing caps.
Also included, the company's PINSTAMP[R] line of durable, programmable dot peen markers that feature the TMM4200 Hand Held Multiple Pin Marking Sgstem.
Intensity will vary greatly with circumstances; one technique used in a wide variety of circumstances is to peen a flat strip of metal on one side while it is clamped to the component and then measure how much it curves when it is released.