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PEERSProstitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society (Canada)
PEERSPublic Education Employee Retirement System (Missouri)
PEERSPolitics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues
PEERSPublic Education and Enforcement Research Study (transportation safety)
PEERSPatient Experience Evaluation Report System (healthcare measurement)
PEERSPractical Exercises Enriching Relationship Skills
PEERSPre-College Educator/Engineers Resource Site
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de Morcerf, as he is a peer of France, and we are of the opposition.
At length an honorable peer, Morcerf's acknowledged enemy, ascended the tribune with that solemnity which announced that the expected moment had arrived.
I used all my influence with one of the committee, a young peer of my acquaintance, to get admission to one of the galleries.
Matters being thus adjusted, his lordship took his leave, and the ladies retired to rest, where Mrs Fitzpatrick entertained her cousin with many high encomiums on the character of the noble peer, and enlarged very particularly on his great fondness for his wife; saying, she believed he was almost the only person of high rank who was entirely constant to the marriage bed.
To make sure that the research is worthy of joining this hallowed collection, most journals use a method called peer review.
Wolford, Heward, & Alber (2001) studied the effects of training students with learning disabilities to seek assistance from peers in general education classroom settings.
There are teaching success stories like this every year in Rochester, thanks to its peer review program, which Costanza now directs.
Students appeared to rely more on their peers than on adults to help resolve their conflicts to a degree greater than the adults realized; yet the adults still played a role in helping them to resolve conflicts.
Now, nearly 18 years after he was elected the 11th primate of the Anglican Church of Canada on a sweltering June day in Winnipeg, Michael Geoffrey Peers is retiring.
Most organizations are hierarchical in nature with multiple levels of peers, superiors and subordinates.
Most likely, the differences are due to a large complexity of issues, including race, gender, and among adolescents, one's peer group.
However, peer support programs can provide outlets for officers who are unwilling or not yet ready to seek professional help, make professional services acceptable to reluctant officers, and furnish assistance that only peers may have the time or understanding to provide.