PEFAPeregrine Falcon (bird species)
PEFAPentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (denomination)
PEFAPublic Expenditure and Financial Accountability
PEFAPan European Fish Auctions
PEFAPersonalized Email for All
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He shared that PEFA assessment provides a thorough, consistent and evidence - base analysis of PEFM performance.
With these objectives in mind our Association, PEFA will try to maintain close contacts with European Union and its Member Countries and work together for the promotion of these ideals.
He listed six main dimensions of the PEFA program as measuring budget credibility and reality, assessing budget components and data transparency, considering governmental goals and policies while working out public budget, monitoring budget implementation, ensuring efficiency of accounting systems and assessing public fund control, checking and auditing efficiency.
Unpublished working paper, PEFA Secretariat, World Bank.
LDL-C, the transport vehicle for PEFA delivery into the cell, will transport any kind of LA--defective or not--into cells, including oxidized or trans entities.
The overall objective of the PEFA initiative is to contribute to improved PFM systems within countries and globally.
Short description: PEFA and PFM reform strategy: This cluster provides expertise in the broader area of PFM re-forms, and in particular the PEFA methodology and its operational application.
This component aims to support priority PFM reforms based on the findings of the recent PEFA assessment.
The results show that the public financial management system of the country obtained a good performance rating in 19 out of 31 indicators of PEFA.
5% in 2018; (iii) improvement in PEFA PI-12 indicator of a multi-year perspective in budgeting and public expenditure policies, from D in PEFA 2009 to C in PEFA 2015 and B in PEFA2018; and (iv) an increase in the number of young volunteers mobilized each year, from 1 500 in 2012 to 2 000 in 2015 and 2 500 in 2018.
The Governments Public Financial Management Reform Strategy, prepared by the Ministry of Finance in 2015, responds to the PEFA assessment with an ambitious reform program in the areas of medium term budgeting, program budgeting, treasury, debt management, and public sector accounting.
Project Rationale and Linkage to Country/Regional Strategy : The PEFA assessment and the diagnostic analysis of MFED had identified weaknesses that need improvement if budget credibility and resource allocation issues are to be resolved.