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PEFCOPrivate Export Funding Corporation
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Ex-Im) and PEFCO, since they will have maturities of less than five years.
Fitch believes that PEFCO is of highest credit quality as all loans made by PEFCO are guaranteed or insured by Ex-Im or other U.
Based at Park Avenue, New York City, PEFCO is engaged in making U.
MKDA's concept for updating the PEFCO office included removing wood paneling and interior walls to open the central core for an airier, more light-filled interior, and installing new ceilings with pendant light fixtures for a clean and modern aesthetic.
PEFCO partners with commercial banks and other entities to fund U.
Under this agreement, Ex-Im guarantees the principal and interest of all covered loans held by PEFCO and the interest payments on senior secured debt issued by PEFCO.