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PEFRPeak Expiratory Flow Rate
PEFRPeak Early Filling Rate (cardiology)
PEFRPort E Function Register
PEFRPeriod-End Financial Reporting
PEFRPerson Eligible for Relief (Maryland)
PEFRProlonged Recording Expiratory Flow Rate
PEFRPick Expiratory Forced Rate (nervous system research)
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When we analyzed the effect of the P[M.sub.2.5], Pb, or Mn and genetic polymorphisms together in the multivariate model, P[M.sub.2.5], Pb, and Mn affected the PEFR significantly and the regression coefficients changed little compared with those in the statistical model without genetic polymorphisms.
(2001) found electronically measured adherence to PEFR monitoring (77%) was much lower for the 40 children with asthma during a 4-week study than the mean self-reported adherence (96%) in the diary entries.
Screening test: Test has high Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) detection rate and specificity.
Table 3 shows that in obese group showed significant negative correlation of BMI with FVC (r = -0.2563), FEV1 (r = -0.3659), and PEFR (r = -0.4526).
A research study which was done by Bheekie et al [14] to compare the use of patient-performed peak flow meter and symptom monitoring as asthma self-management tools showed that PEFR self-monitoring is a more useful asthma tool than symptom self-monitoring.
PEFR values at 1st and 3rd week favored Montelukast group (p <0.05); later it was statistically similar for both groups.23 The role of montelukast therapy in mild to moderate persistent asthma is very promising.
Both FEV1 and PEFR were acquired from similar patients at a single visit utilizing spirometer.
Out of 188 participants (32.4%) drivers had PEFR < 80% [Figure 1].
Results: The mean peak expiratory flow rate score of patients without the education of proper technique was 320 +- 9.28 whereas mean PEFR score in patients after the proper metered dose inhaler technique was 460 +- 6.66 (p-value<0.001).
The comparison of the mean spirometric indices of flour mill and controls groups (mean [+ or -] SD) indicates FVC, [FEV.sub.1], and PEFR are highly significant (P<0.001) and [FEF.sub.25%-75%] are significant (P<0.01).
Respiratory system variables (FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEFR, and FEF25-75%) were measured with digital spirometer for both controls and hypertensive patients.
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