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PEFRPeak Expiratory Flow Rate
PEFRPeak Early Filling Rate (cardiology)
PEFRPeriod-End Financial Reporting
PEFRPort E Function Register
PEFRPerson Eligible for Relief (Maryland)
PEFRProlonged Recording Expiratory Flow Rate
PEFRPick Expiratory Forced Rate (nervous system research)
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001) and Figure 2 as well as PEFR showed statistically significant difference in value as shown in Figure 3 and Table 2 (P < 0.
The significant decrease in PEFR may be attributed to lesser force of contraction of main expiratory muscles like anterior abdominal muscles and internal intercostal muscles.
Results: There was a significant correlation between hand grip strength in the dominant hand and PEFR (correlation coefficient = 0.
1] and PEFR values of stone grinders and brickfield workers were significantly lower than the control group probably due to free silica dust or dust particles exposure by virtue of their occupation [36].
Grades of PEFR: Based on low levels of PEFR (percentage reduction of PEFR from predicted) women were categorized as having mild (70-80%), moderate (60-70%), severe (50-60%), profound (40-50%) and very profound grades (<40 %) of abnormal pulmonary function.
AT I 09 45% 16 80% II 09 45% 02 10% III 01 05% 02 10% IV 01 05% 00 0% PEFR Grade Patients % Patients % No.
1] and mean PEFR and an assessment of quality of life (Paediatric Asthma Quality of life Questionnaire) but this study revealed that a closer correlation was seen in children 111-17 years old, suggesting that control assessment is most difficult in young children (18)
In the comparison of the spirometric and plethysmographic measurements, all expiratory flow rates, except PEFR and FVC, were higher by plethysmographic measurement and the difference was statistically significant (p< 0.
An occupational association is suggested when symptoms and PEFR [peak expiratory flow rate] worsen during working days and improve during long weekends and vacations," he writes.
TABLE 1 Abnormal Physical Examination Findings (N = 102) Parameter Number Percentage PEFR (Peak expiratory flow rate) 90 88.
Simple and inexpensive PEFR measurement can be self-conducted by subjects, making a study possible to measure a large number of people, such as the one conducted in 10,892 adults living in 18 villages of Xuanwei County.
A test in which increased PEFR may indicate a mechanical problem, such as upper airway obstruction or obstructive disease.