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PEGASISPower-Efficient Gathering in Sensor Information Systems
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As discussed earlier the hieratical protocols are better than flat or location based routing protocols, and the LEACH protocol is the favorite among all hierarchal protocols where it is suitable, reliable and scalable unlike PEGASIS which outperform leach in term on lifetime under certain conditions but it has some drawbacks if the data being sent come mostly from furthest node in the chain from the base station.
Raghavendra, "PEGASIS: power-efficient gathering in sensor information systems," in Proceedings of the IEEE Aerospace Conference, vol.
It is developed based on one of the most popular hierarchical routing protocols, PEGASIS [18].
Raghavendra, "PEGASIS: Power efficient Gathering in Sensor Information System", Proceedings IEEE Aerospace Conference, vol.
The performance of the PEDAP was compared with LEACH and PEGASIS, and showed a slightly better network lifetime than PEGASIS.
[11] performed a performance study for three different types of routing protocols: LEACH, PEGASIS, and VGA using Sensoria Simulator [12].
Power-efficient gathering in sensor information systems (PEGASIS) [15], Load balanced and energy efficient routing algorithm (LBEERA) [16], and chain-based hierarchical routing protocol (CHIRON) [17] are chain-based routing protocols.
Power-efficient Gathering in Sensor Information Systems (PEGASIS) [31] and Hierarchical-PEGASIS are two improvements of LEACH.
Hierarchical routing, also known as clustering routing, such as low-power Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Protocol LEACH [7] and PEGASIS [8] protocols, has proposed the methods using cluster heads to form the clusters.
AntChain is proved to be a better algorithm in comparison to its counter parts LEACH [10] and PEGASIS [18] on the grounds of energy efficiency.
The cluster heads are selected and dissemination is done according to eqn-(1).On other hand, PEGASIS improves LEACH by choosing a head node for each round i to send the fused data to Base station.