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(16) Middle-Ob Selkup ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 2010: 150) pege onz kobo-m-d te naggy-mb-at, hazel-grouse REFL skin-ACC-PX.3SG away put off-PSTN-3SG.ob azy-mb-a qu-t taredyk become-PSTN-3SG.sub man-GEN like 'A grouse put off his skin, turned into a man'
Pege died the day before the audition in London but Vaida was too upset to talk about the details.
The emperor asked the papal delegates to return to meet with the patriarchal Holy Synod, which the legates agreed to do, and therefore they returned to the Pege palace.
More non-governmental laboratories, such as those associated with food science departments at large universities, now have the capacity to do their own PEGE analysis.
sonnei infection in the outbreak period and region) was subtyped by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PEGE).
Alfie Lewis Cleale Jennifer Sutton Foster Arnie John Bolton Liz Paula Newsome The Other Woman Alicia Irving Trio Misty Cotton, Alicia Irving, Monica Pege
RN 591469 Clay, Regena Renee LVN 179543 Cline, Kara Kathleen RN 705659 Cobb, Stacy Kay LVN 197222 Cobb, Trevor Martin RN 789212 Coen, Teresa Renea LVN 107989 Cole, Rita L RN 608394 Coleman, Meredith Brooke RN 718538 Compean, Mary Catherine RN 711095 Concha, Pamela Anne LVN 160016 Condron, Angela Carol RN 664752 Conner, Elizabeth Lawton RN 252714 & LVN 70620 Contreras, Nicole Christine LVN 201103 Coon, Jennifer Nichole RN 759162 Cooper, Deborah Gayle LVN 161457 Corkill, Janice Gail RN 628251 Cox, Frances RN 641205 Crane, Pege Rhnea RN 748406 & PNP Crawford, Kimberly Ann LVN 110606 Cruz, Joseph Zackary LVN 225491 Cunningham, Mary Anita RN 667326 Curda, Christopher J.
PEGE results suggest that the emergence of resistant isolates does not result from spread of a single resistant clone.