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PEGSPolitical Economy of the Good Society
PEGSProgram for Exceptionally Gifted Students
PEGSPenleigh and Essendon Grammar School (Australia)
PEGSPan-European E-Government Services (EU)
PEGSPesticide Exposure Group of Sufferers
PEGSPolitical, Economic, Geographic, Social (social studies themes)
PEGSPrepatorias Eugenio Garza Sada (Monterrey, Mexico)
PEGSPerformance Evaluation and Goal Setting (employee evaluation)
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"Whin I was about three-quarters av a mile off the rest-camp, powtherin' along fit to burrst, I heard the noise av the men, an', on my sowl, Sorr, I cud catch the voice av Peg Barney bellowin' like a bison wid the belly-ache.
Whin I am servin' my time, I'm undher the Articles av War, an' can be whipped on the peg for thim.
'for Peg alone is employmint for two or three.' He bein', I well knew, as copped as a dhrover.
She had got all the pegs put in by this time, and Alice looked on with great interest as she returned to the tree, and then began slowly walking down the row.
'At the end of two yards,' she said, putting in a peg to mark the distance, 'I shall give you your directions--have another biscuit?'
'It's a deal too good to be married in, master,' rejoined Peg, after a short inspection of the suit.
'Why not do?' retorted Peg. 'Why don't you wear your every-day clothes, like a man--eh?'
"That is true," said the bearded countess, "still it fits him very well, for he is called Clavileno the Swift, which name is in accordance with his being made of wood, with the peg he has in his forehead, and with the swift pace at which he travels; and so, as far as name goes, he may compare with the famous Rocinante."
"I have said already," said the Trifaldi, "that it is with a peg, by turning which to one side or the other the knight who rides him makes him go as he pleases, either through the upper air, or skimming and almost sweeping the earth, or else in that middle course that is sought and followed in all well-regulated proceedings."
Dorothy had already taken the clock key from the peg.
I went with Musgrave to his study and whittled myself this peg, to which I tied this long string with a knot at each yard.
I measured out the distance, which brought me almost to the wall of the house, and I thrust a peg into the spot.