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Lawrence Peh has 25 years of experience in ASEAN primarily in the real estate development, property management and assets management.
To the best of our knowledge, no such studies have been reported so far in the Indian population to evaluate the effect of BMI on PEH. Hence, this study was done to investigate the effects of BMI on PEH.
Supporting this information, several studies (8,15,21) with differentiated protocols (aerobic and resistance) suggest that higher intensity exercises may contribute to a greater magnitude of PEH in the hypertensive population.
Although examining specific groups (e.g., athletes) for PEH is merited, few such studies on athlete populations have been conducted so far (2,7,8).
According to the previous research and experimental conditions, the purpose of this paper was to optimize and determine the processing technology of honey-fried ephedra and to investigate the pharmacokinetic profiles of EH, PEH, and MEH after oral administration of unprocessed ephedra extract and honey-fried extract.
But, before we prescribe isotonic handgrip exercise to the population, it is essential to determine whether isotonic handgrip exercise decreases BP in postexercise period as an acute short-term effect (PEH) and/ or over a long term as a training effect.
Theirs is a passionate plea: that whatever the direction might be--centripetal or centrifugal, forward or reverse--mission must be supremely what the church is about: fulfilling the Great Commission, bringing Christ "to all nations, from all nations." --Andrew Peh