PEHAPersonnel and Equipment Holding Area
PEHAPlano East Hockey Association (Texas)
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In order to indroduce primary amino groups via a spacer arm, the activation of the Granocel matrix with PEHA was studied.
Afterwards the reaction of epoxydated cellulose with PEHA was performed (Fig.
While epoxy groups are not very stable, the PEHA coupling should preferably be performed directly after the epoxydation step.
An immobilized PEHA spacer adds a 19-atom arm containing hydroxyl and amino groups onto which a further immobilization of the proteins may be performed.
The primary and secondary amino groups of the PEHA spacer arm are of weak basicity.
The reaction of primary amino groups of the PEHA spacer arm with glutaraldehyde results in aldehyde end-groups onto which a further immobilization of specific ligands may be performed (Fig.
The PS tan [delta] peak is high and narrow while the PEHA peak is low and broad.
The IPN foams exhibit a lower FWHM than foam B except for lB/1S, whose FWHM of 84[degrees]C is larger than that of PEHA (74[degrees]C).
g] of -l7[degrees]C is significantly higher than that of PEHA (-38[degrees]C) and thus represents IPN domains in which the PEHA and copolymer E networks are Intimately mixed.
The first peak for IPN 1E/2EHA is at a lower temperature and is more pronounced, reflecting presence of PEHA.
The rubbery PEHA with 20% DVB had a low, broad tan [delta] peak while the glassy PS with 10% DVB had a high narrow peak.