PEHDHigh Density Polyethylene
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Addition of 10% PE-LD and PEHD in the PLA did not change [T.sub.m] and [T.sub.g] but, it did slightly change the degree of crystallinity.
Cunat, "Sur l'Etat Relaxe du PEHD Lors de Chargements Non Monotones en Traction Compression," DEPPOS-XVIII, Saint-Prix, 77 (2003).
Type of PE [>C=C<]/mol % >C=C</1000C [10.sup.5].[>C=C<]/[g.sub.PE] PEhd Ziegler 0.385 1.9 13.8 PEhd Philips 0.481 2.4 17.2 Table 3 Effect of the Nature of PE on the Peroxidation for Powders With Similar Size ([m.sub.PE 200-600] = 50g).
The tags were attached to the belugas by three 8 mm polyethylene surgical pins (PEHD 1000) through the dorsal ridge.