PEHOPrincipal Environmental Health Officer (UK)
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PEHO syndrome is classed as a rare disease, affecting less than 30 people in Europe and impacts the optic nerve as well as destroying messages between the brain and muscles.
The male residents of Egalsund are easily identifiable because they wear pehos. The dress of all grown men and maturing boys in Egalsund must include this bulky and uncomfortable piece of underwear that is clearly visible through their clothing.
It took doctors two years to diagnose PEHO Syndrome, which causes severe seizures or fits, swelling of the hands and feet, floppiness and vision problems.
Katie, seven, and Kelly, three, from Amlwch, both have PEHO syndrome that affects just 30 people throughout Europe.
PEHO is a degenerative brain disorder which affects the ability to walk, talk, and control muscles.
Those with PEHO syndrome usually have a shortened life expectancy due to severe chest infections, aspiration or severe epileptic seizures.
But it took more than 18 months before a diagnosis of PEHO syndrome was given.