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PEIRPathology Education Instructional Resource (University of Alabama, Birmingham; Birmingham, AL)
PEIRPublic Expenditure and Institutional Review (World Bank)
PEIRPrince Edward Island Regiment (Canadian Forces Reserve)
PEIRProgram Evaluation and Information Resources (Mine Safety and Health Administration; US DOL)
PEIRProject Environmental Impact Report (Canada)
PEIRProfessionals and Executives in Retirement (Hofstra University; New York)
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It is widely accepted now that the process in PEIR is one of resorption.
LAEN, LEIN, PAEN and PEIR are in the OED, LEEN is in Webster's Second and the OED, and PAER is found in OED quotes at "pig" and "pole".
PEIR is one of nearly 50 innovations selected by WIRED to feature at NextFest, the annual free public showcase of global innovations transforming the world, running now through October 12 in Chicago's Millennium Park.
The PEIR is required to complete the environmental review and assessment of potential impacts of an updated Recycled Water Master Plan, currently under preparation, describing a revised recycled water system for the Santa Clarita Valley, as required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
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