PEJAKParty of Free Life of Kurdistan
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support for PEJAK and other anti-Iranian groups prompted Iranians to reactivate Ansar al Islam, a Sunni Muslim group with ties to al-Qaida that has been launching attacks against Kurdish officials.
Desde esa zona iraqui se lanzan las acciones militares del PEJAK --la organizacion guerrillera de los kurdos iranies-- contra la Republica Islamica de Iran, amparadas en la practica por Estados Unidos cuyo gobierno aspira a derrocar el regimen de los ayatolas.
Unlike the more conciliatory line taken by the traditional Iranian Kurdish opposition groups, PEJAK has been inspired by the quasi-independent status provided their brethren in Iraq to take a much harder line toward the Teheran government.
Furthermore, the PKK and PEJAK have now been forewarned and will be able to prepare to face such an attack
This summer Iran has sporadically shelled PEJAK bases deep inside Iraqi Kurdistan.
Barzani said his administration had condemned Iran for shelling PEJAK targets in northern Iraq, adding that he asked the central Iraqi government to diplomatic take action over the issue.
Some of this can be attributed to the PKK-affiliated group PEJAK, which has turned on the Iranians because of Tehran's increased cooperation with Turkish authorities.
There is a competition between the KDPI and other groups such as the PEJAK," Mamand Roja, a Kurdish researcher and analyst, told Al-Monitor.
The Iranian attack appeared to target bases of the Iranian Kurdish opposition group PEJAK, which stands for the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan.
The official, who was not identified by name, also accused the president of Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdish region, Massoud Barzani, of providing bases to the Iranian Kurdish opposition group PEJAK without informing the central Iraqi government in Baghdad.
The Pasdaran said they engaged in a shooting incident near Sardasht with members of the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PEJAK) that resulted in five PEJAK members being killed, including a senior commander.
PEJAK announced April 29 that it, too, was resuming armed operations in Iran.