PEKERTIPerkumpulan Kebajikan Isteri dan Keluarga Polis (Police Wives and Families Welfare Body; Brunei)
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Servant leadership is widely accepted concept across the cultures (Pekerti and Sendjaya, 2010; Yong, Kakabadse, and Kakabadse, 2010) and is valued for many organizational outcomes including creativity (Neubert et al., 2008; Yoshida et al., 2014).
Besides that, levels of trust employees have on their organizations or employers have impact on employees' organizational bahavioural outcomes such as justice perceptions, commitment, motivation, loyalty, engagement, creativity, satisfaction, and intention to quit (Jiang and Probst, 2015; De Cremer et al., 2006; Sharkie, 2009; Appelbaum et al., 2004; Sendjaya and Pekerti, 2010).
Dimensions of Conceptual Trust 2010 Indonesia Sendjaya and Antecedent of Educational Pekerti Trust institute 2011 US, Russia, Costigan et al.
(10.) The altar and statue still stand in a room in the school once known as a Hall of Worship ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) but which has been renamed to mean Morality Room (ruang budi pekerti).
"PEKERTI" is an acronym referring to the Persatuan Perkumpulan Isteri-Isteri dan Keluarga Polis or the Association of Police Wives and Families.
Pekerti (2008) has argued that boundaryless career models are not universal.
A total of 24 people received the Pingat Pekerti Terpilih, one person received Pingat Kecemerlangan Sukan and 38 received the Pingat Perkhidmatan Cemerlang Selangor.
According to Pekerti and Sendjaya (2010), an empirical research related to organizational performance, with the impact of ethical leadership style such as servant leadership would enrich the understanding of the issue.
Pekerti, Kashlak, Osman-Gani, & Pekerti, 2005), which view the self and individuality as being contingent on others and the social context.
'I hope I can play a role in helping the party president to restore the fighting spirit and role of Umno in the country's politics,' he told the media after officiating the Tadarus Quran event organised by the Welfare Association of Wives of Senior Government Servants and Elected Representatives of Negri Sembilan (Pekerti) here today.
Datuk Emran Kadir was proclaimed Orang Besar Daerah with the title Datuk Orang Kaya Maha Bijaya Petaling, while two others, Datuk Mohd Effendi Abdullah and Datuk George Stewart LaBrooy, were declared as Datuk Diraja Selangor with the titles Datuk Kurnia Bakti Diraja and Datuk Setia Pekerti Diraja respectively.