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PEKINGPeople and Knowledge Cross Lingual Information Gathering
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As one of those aesthetes, Harold Acton arrived in China in the 1930s and wrote extensively on his life in Peking both in fictional and non-fictional literary forms.
In 1977, I enrolled at Peking University and obtained a B.A.
'Sleeping too much is bad for health while less sleep, under six hours, can increase the risk by nine per cent, compared to people who slept for the recommended six to eight hours,' according to a new study report issued from McMaster and Peking Union Medical College China.
But we did agree on at least one culinary delight: I once feasted on his favorite Peking duck in his favorite Chinese restaurant this side of the Pacific.
BEIJING -- The Pakistani students delighted the Chinese and international audience with the display of stunning cultural performances featuring multiple glimpses of Pakistani culture at the International Cultural Festival held at the Peking University Beijing.
In a classic example of the hypocrisy of the Communist regime in China, the Marxist society at Peking University has been closed down by authorities, while some of its members have been arrested, after they supported workers in the organization of a trade union in a factory in Shenzhen, reported the Financial Times.
Ministers representing foreign countries in Peking (Beijing) complained to the Qing court and requested that warships be deployed to protect their nationals.
The seminar and exhibition were arranged by the School of Foreign Languages, Institute of Humanity and Social Sciences, Peking University, the oldest higher education institution in China.
BEIJING -- Peking University, the oldest higher education institution in China, will organize an exhibition this month to provide a broad understanding of Pakistani society, history and culture, customs, literature, landscape and people among the Chinese students.
Concord Medical Services Holdings announced that Concord Medical signed a cooperation agreement with Peking University International Hospital.