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PELANPulsed Elemental Analysis with Neutrons
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'Kita ada pelan B dan pelan C namun kita tidak akan beritahu' kata Dr Mahathir yang juga pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).
(6) Pelan dwells upon the issue of memory and journeys in her work (2013, 193).
8-9) this Lent saw Anna Sikorska and Kate Keara Pelan work with night shelter guests at St James's Piccadilly to create an installation within the cavity of the altar.
Yo creo que el verdadero problema esta en que los muchachos tienen muchos, pero muchos problemas de atencion, van cargando muchos problemas, muchos traumas y en su casa ni los pelan, ni les hacen caso [...], yo si cambiaria a los prefectos por personas que sepan de psicologia, y de como atender a los alumnos, pero ya ve, en las escuelas hay mucha gente que no hace nada y ahi sigue.
2016 Kertas Putih ICT Kebangsaan dan Pelan Induk Tenaga Kerja ICT.
Pelan Strategik Pembangunan Perlis: Mempercepatkan Transformasi Ekonomi Perlis.
"Even though the credit union had strong capital and we could continue to hold our own, it had become clear to our Board of Directors that we were too small to keep pace with technology and services needed to grow," said Karin Pelan, president of Pacific NWCU, in the news release.
It is not clear whether she participates in the young man's murder because he let her down, or because of her political convictions (Pelan 83).