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PELLPregnancy to Early Life Longitudinal Data System (Massachusetts)
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Pell, 'dining with him on one occasion; there was only us two, but everything as splendid as if twenty people had been expected--the great seal on a dumb- waiter at his right hand, and a man in a bag-wig and suit of armour guarding the mace with a drawn sword and silk stockings --which is perpetually done, gentlemen, night and day; when he said, "Pell," he said, "no false delicacy, Pell.
Pell. 'The distinction's obvious, you will perceive.'
Weller at once sought the erudite Solomon Pell, and acquainted him with his desire to issue a writ, instantly, for the SUM of twenty-five pounds, and costs of process; to be executed without delay upon the body of one Samuel Weller; the charges thereby incurred, to be paid in advance to Solomon Pell.
Solomon Pell, who had that day displayed such transcendent abilities, a mottled-faced gentleman in a blue shawl proposed that somebody should sing a song.
Solomon Pell, who was making out his little bill of costs; 'a very amusing incident indeed!
Pell, smiling smoothly round, as he buttoned up the money.
A court of appeal rejected Pell's argument the verdict was unfair.
Once the Vatican's third-ranking official, Pell had been trying to overturn the verdicts and six-year sentence for sexually assaulting two 13-year-old choirboys at a Melbourne cathedral in the 1990s.
Pell, the highest ranking Catholic worldwide to be convicted of child sex offences, was sentenced in March to six years in jail after being found guilty on five charges of abusing the two boys at St Patrick's Cathedral while he was Archbishop of Melbourne in the late 1990s.
The Victoria state Court of Appeal rejected Pell's appeal of the unanimous verdicts a jury had issued in December finding Pope Francis' former finance minister guilty of molesting two 13-year-old choirboys in Melbourne's St.
Eligibility for a Pell Grant is primarily based on the size of the maximum grant that the program awards, and there is no absolute income cutoff.
The 77-year-old Pell the most senior Catholic convicted of sex abuse was sentenced in a Melbourne court in March to six years in prison.