PEMEPre-Employment Medical Examination (Protection and Indemnity Club requirement for ship operators and owners)
PEMEPeterborough Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (est. 1982; UK)
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A number of laboratory experiments have demonstrated the healing and analgesic effects of PEME at the level of cellular and animal studies (Li et al 2011, Shupak et al 2004a, Shupak et al 2004b).
The equipment used for low frequency pulsed electromagnetic energy (PEME) therapy was Magnetodyne Therapy device M80 with Applicator for the limbs and hot pack.
Un peme n'est pas exclusivement compos d'images, encore qu'en lui-name il constitue une image complexe, inscrite, une fois etablie, comme objet autonome dans la realite.
"Lecon de pesie," which serves as his poetic manifesto, suggests from the first line onward that something is out of place: "O le Peme! O le Pete!
One of those investigated and later arrested was Luis Ynchausti, director of the Programa de Empleo Minimo Eventual (PEME), who was accused of transferring US$100 million in PEME funds to his sister's bank account.
Later in November, authorities arrested a second former high-ranking official, Luis Ynchausty, a personal advisor to Fernandez and director of the now defunct Programa de Empleo Minimo Eventual (PEME).
Gilinosi i po Peme gludincio ir laiko tekmeje uPmirUto senojo Vilniaus urbanistine struktura, tyre atkasamus architekturos likucius, poPemiuose randamas senuju pastatu konstrukciju liekanas (Vitkauskiene 2008: 14).
PEME says it has made significant investment in a "7-Step Asset Care" initiative to deliver world-class Maintenance Partnerships to clients.
Architektas Karolis Reisonas: didPiausio Lietuvos nepriklausomybes deUimtmecio paminklo autorius, Aemaiciu Peme 4: 46-50 [interaktyvus], [Piureta 2015 m.