PEMMProcess and Enterprise Maturity Model (trademark of Hammer and Company)
PEMMPre-Experience Masters in Management (business)
PEMMPhysical Education Majors and Minors (club)
PEMMProvisional Enrolled Missouri Militia
PEMMPig Eye Muscle Membrane (immunology)
PEMMPeritoneal Exudate Macrophage Monolayers
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Administered by the DC Office of Personnel's Center for Workforce Development, PEMM is geared to mid-level and senior officials from agencies throughout DC government.
PEMM encourages change from the middle in two ways.
As a yearlong program, PEMM allows participants ample time to develop relationships with colleagues across government and agencies that help them meet both the requirements of the program and, most importantly, their everyday responsibilities with a broader, more complete picture of what the city does.
Second, PEMM focuses on helping each participant understand the differences between management functions based on formal authority from the organizational hierarchy and leadership activities that have more to do with developing relationships, values, visions, cooperation, and collaboration.
A significant part of the program is the government reform project designed by each graduate of the PEMM.
This PEMM project brought people together to solve a real problem and achieved real results.