PEMSPatient Evaluation and Management System (M2S, Inc.)
PEMSPredictive Emissions Monitoring System
PEMSPortable Emissions Measurement System
PEMSPeninsulas Emergency Medical Services (Gloucester, VA)
PEMSProgram Evaluation and Monitoring System
PEMSPoult Enteritis Mortality Syndrome
PEMSPressure Equalizing Module (water pressure; Florida)
PEMSPharmacy Education Management System
PEMSProactive Energy Management System
PEMSPost-Exercise Muscle Soreness
PEMSParis Evangelical Missionary Society
PEMSPower and Energy Management Solutions
PEMSPerpetual Enterprise Management Service
PEMSProperty Equipment Management System (PMS Systems Corporation)
PEMSPre-and Early Modern Studies
PEMSPostal Emergency Management System
PEMSPhysical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual (holistic healing)
PEMSProgrammable Electrical Medical System
PEMSPhoenix Early Music Society (Phoenix, AZ)
PEMSPerformance Effectiveness Management System
PEMSProgrammable Electronic Medical Systems
PEMSProcess Environmental Monitoring System
PEMSProvider Enhanced Management Services (Elwyn)
PEMSProject Estimation and Management System
PEMSPump Efficiency Monitoring System (electrical systems)
PEMSPortable Environmental Monitoring Station (US DOE)
PEMSPorcelain Enamel Metal Substrate (circuitry)
PEMSPremium Energy Management Services (Rancho Cordova, CA)
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These textual practices by PEMS implied a radical break with the neglect of orality and the contempt for non-written material which characterised the attitudes of many who had preceded them.
The move to the World Harmonised Light Vehicles Test procedure in 2017, which will replace the mainly laboratory-based New European Driving Cycle, will also be underpinned by PEMS testing.
Eisenmann said: "Because PEMS can be used to monitor numerous emissions sources, the technology gained significant interest in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
workshop in March 2009, EPA suggested that manufacturers of off-road diesel equipment get familiar with the PEMS technology and get involved in the development of the in-use testing rules for engines in that category.
In addition, a number of important relationships have developed between the K-12 TSC and the Minnesota department of education, which includes the linkage of its essential learner outcomes (ELOs) to PEMS.
The results that show PEMS tests provide a robust, representative and repeatable basis for measuring real-world fuel economy and CO2 emissions.
It is equipped with a PEMS system (Portable Emissions Measuring System), which is used to measure the CO2 & the car's other emissions.
This means that Millbrook now has the latest level systems from each of the major PEMS manufacturers, which will increase its capacity at a time when it is expecting significant growth in RDE testing.
For each of the regulated emissions covered by RDE, the total emissions recorded via PEMS testing will be compared to the regulatory limit for the same vehicle, to arrive at a Conformity Factor (CF).
Taip pat is vedinimo irenginio techniniu dokumentu zinoma, kad nominalus PEMS laboratorijos vedinimo irenginio tiekiamojo ventiliatoriaus nasumas yra 1450 [m.