PEMUPediatric Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (various hospitals)
PEMUProject Environmental Management Unit (Albania; World Bank)
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One of the most important aspects of a PEMU admission is to provide adequate information to the patients and their families to ensure that they fully understand what to expect during the hospital stay.
Specifically, if admission to the PEMU is anticipated in the initial appointment triage process, the family now receives both written and verbal information, including the date of the anticipated PEMU admission, the need for at least one parent or caregiver to stay with the child, and the estimated length of stay (at least 3 days).
Essential components of video-EEG monitoring, called the PEMU reminders, were posted in patients' rooms (Fig.
The RN instructs the family on what they should expect and do during a seizure in the PEMU.
Communication in the PEMU has been encouraged in several other ways.
As refinements were implemented, the PEMU team decided to document the effect of interventions, particularly those concerned with education and communication.
In response to the statement, "This change made working in the PEMU easier and more comfortable than before the change was made," 86%-100% agreed or strongly agreed: PEMU clinical leaders, PEMU admission checklist, standardized PEMU order set, signs in the patients' rooms, and resource manual.
In response to the question, "What could be improved to make working in the PEMU easier?
Typically, staffing is managed so that an RN from the core group cares for PEMU patients.