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PENPeruvian Nuevo Sol (Currency)
PENPendleton (Amtrak station code; Pendleton, OR)
PENPublic Education Network
PENPoder Ejecutivo Nacional (Argentina)
PENPolyethylene Naphthalate (electrical insulation material)
PENPan European Network (air traffic management)
PENPrograma Estado de la Nación (Spanish: State of the Nation Program; Costa Rica)
PENPersonal Electronic Navigator
PENProject on Emerging Nanotechnologies
PENPoverty Environment Nexus (various locations)
PENPartido Encuentro Nacional (Paraguay)
PENPoets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists
PENPersonal Education Number
PENPennsylvania Environmental Network
PENPrivate Enterprise Number (assigned by the IANA)
PENPeer Education Network
PENParent Empowerment Network (Washington state)
PENPrison Enterprises Network (Indiana)
PENProgram Element Number
PENPenang, Malaysia - Penang International (Airport Code)
PENPilipino Educators Network (Maryland)
PENPositive-Electrolyte-Negative (solid oxide fuel cells)
PENPlain English Network (US government)
PENPermanent Employee Number
PENProfessional Employer Network
PENPrimary Endosperm Nucleus
PENPersuasive, Expository, Narrative (basic styles of writing)
PENProtective Earth and Neutral (conductor)
PENProvinciaal Energiebedrijf NoordHolland (Dutch)
PENProfessional Executive Network
PENPrivate Electronic Network
PENPoets, Editors, Novalists
PENPhoenix Entrepreneurs Network (Phoenix, AZ)
PENProbability, Electric Strength, Number of Life Cycles
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White Fang came to look forward eagerly to the gathering of the men around his pen.
said Mr Brass, putting his pen in his mouth, and grinning spitefully at his sister.
There is over a square mile of space in the yards, and more than half of it is occupied by cattle pens; north and south as far as the eye can reach there stretches a sea of pens.
The writing-case was on her lap, with the letter and the pen lying on it.
No, no," continued Danglars; "if we resolve on such a step, it would be much better to take, as I now do, this pen, dip it into this ink, and write with the left hand (that the writing may not be recognized) the denunciation we propose.
More than once his noisy, journalistic pen brought him to prison.
A stream of glittering fish flew into the pen from a dory alongside.
Very well, sir," said the host, "I'll give the pie and the bottle of wine to your servant, and in this way you will have the pen and ink into the bargain.
Protect him yourself, sir, with a few more strokes of that pen which has done such wonders already.
The two or three lines which follow contain fragments of words only, mingled with blots and scratches of the pen.
No, you shan't," cried Jane, snatching the pen from her.
Malicorne took up the pen, ink, and paper again, and presented them all to Manicamp.