PENCProfessional Engineers of North Carolina
PENCProfessional Educators of North Carolina (Raleigh, NC)
PENCProfessional Exempt Non Contractual
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The datum for each session was realized by selecting seven EPN class A stations--BOR1, GOPE, GRAZ, PENC, POTS, WROC, WTZR (Fig.
Dawson has been an active and influential member of PENC for nearly his entire career having served as chairman of the PENC Registration Law & Ethical Practices Committee, Math Counts Committee, and most recently as the Regional Vice Chairman of the NSPE Professional Engineers Private Practice Committee.
Figure 3 illustrates the comparison of independently estimated intra-plate velocities at GPS sites MOPI, LOMS, PENC and SKPL.
In making the presentation to Safrit, PENC President Marc Worth said, “This year's award is being given to someone who has really gone above and beyond as committee chair and in all areas of public policy support to PENC.
There are some anomalies observed in the orientation of velocity vectors, namely the ALPMED velocities at BZRG and ORID, and the CRODYN velocities at BOR1 and PENC.
The monitored GPS satellite signals were processed jointly with data of the permanent station GOPE and were constrained to three EPN stations BOR1, PENC and ZIMM.
In this strategy we used five permanent IGS stations: BOR1, GOPE, GRAZ, PENC, JOZE (see Fig.