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PENCILSPortable Erasable Nib Cryptic Intercommunication Language Stylus
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It was a difficult task, for he held the pencil as one would grasp the hilt of a dagger, which does not add greatly to ease in writing or to the legibility of the results.
He produced a huge old-fashioned leather pocket-book, with a pencil of dimensions to match.
Perhaps there is a maddening drug made of lead pencils! Our shortest cut to the mystery is up the hill to the grave."
The fingers spread slightly, falling apart of their own weight, and the pencil rolled away.
"Well, he wrote so furiously that he broke his pencil, and had, as you observe, to sharpen it again.
Oh, if you knew the frightful anguish in my heart." He threw the pencil down.
I came very near tearing it up, but for the peculiar colour pencil it's written with.
I took the tablets from her hand, and it trembled again, and it trembled more as she took off the chain to which the pencil was attached, and put it in mine.
Knightley had been telling him something about brewing sprucebeer, and he wanted to put it down; but when he took out his pencil, there was so little lead that he soon cut it all away, and it would not do, so you lent him another, and this was left upon the table as good for nothing.
"DEAR SIR--Please advertise a series of twelve Racy Prints, from my fertile pencil, entitled, 'Scenes of Modern Prison Life,' by Thersites Junior.
Under the suspended pencil in his fingers lay other sheets of paper, blank--his sermon to be.
"Good Heavens!" exclaimed the District Attorney, throwing down his note-book and pencil; "this is all quite irregular.