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PENELOPEPenetration and Energy Loss of Positrons and Electrons (radiation matter interaction simulation sotware)
PENELOPEPan European Network of Environmental Legislation Observatories for Planning, Education and Research
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On hearing those dreadful words, my daughter Penelope said she didn't know what prevented her heart from flying straight out of her.
Third, that Penelope had heard them rehearsing their hocus-pocus, like actors rehearsing a play.
If you know anything of the ways of young women, you won't be surprised to hear that Penelope wouldn't take it.
Say, Penelope," he exclaimed, "you are not in earnest?
Well," he admitted, "there's a good deal in what you say, Penelope.
It accounts, also," Penelope remarked, "for his murder
Penelope washed her face, changed her dress, and went upstairs with her maids.
But Penelope lay in her own room upstairs unable to eat or drink, and wondering whether her brave son would escape, or be overpowered by the wicked suitors.
She told the vision to go to the house of Ulysses, and to make Penelope leave off crying, so it came into her room by the hole through which the thong went for pulling the door to, and hovered over her head saying,
Then," said Penelope, "if you are a god or have been sent here by divine commission, tell me also about that other unhappy one--is he still alive, or is he already dead and in the house of Hades?
Then it vanished through the thong-hole of the door and was dissipated into thin air; but Penelope rose from her sleep refreshed and comforted, so vivid had been her dream.
Sitting with her one-and-a-half-yearold son, Junior Meynell, in the front room of her Lazenby home Penelope said that, by the age of 20, she had made her peace with her situation.