PENRENPentagon Renovation (Pentagon renovation project)
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With the CMC's help, the team revamped the award-fee plan to bring it more in line with industry standards and to set aside a portion for flow-down from PENREN to the prime contractor and its subcontractors.
During the workshop attended by PENREN and PEO/EIS personnel, as well as representatives from the contractor and subcontractor communities, the CMC staff steered this diverse, cross-functional team.
The CMC Action Workshop improved the team's activities in support of PENREN by helping it:
* improve understanding of PENREN's objectives, and
It's important to understand what the work environment was like in PenRen pre-9/11 to understand why we've operated as successfully as we have in the wake of the attack.
(RMO) What type of contracting did PenRen do before 9/11?
(DH) The Acquisition & Contracting Group here provides cradle-to-grave services for all PenRen requirements.
For the year and a half leading up to September 2001, PenRen had been engaged in a source selection for the remainder of the renovation program--wedges 2-5, roughly 4.5 million square feet of renovation estimated at over $700 million (without inflation).
We've been very successful because of that, and I believe that's why some of the new security or post-9/11 projects have been assigned to PenRen. People know we can get the job done quickly and effectively.
(RMO) Did the PenRen office need authority for contingency contracting?
(RMO) What was the first thing the PenRen office did after the attack?
Within minutes of the attack, PenRen personnel and the construction contractors working on the Wedge-1 site were at the scene of the crash, providing important information and actual physical assistance.