PENRENPentagon Renovation (Pentagon renovation project)
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This agreement provides PENREN with access to EMC networked storage products and Fibre Channel switches for its storage area network (SAN), content addressed storage, and network attached storage (NAS).
Recently, the CMC facilitated an Action Workshop for the DOD'S PENREN team.
With the CMC's help, the team revamped the award-fee plan to bring it more in line with industry standards and to set aside a portion for flow-down from PENREN to the prime contractor and its subcontractors.
During the workshop attended by PENREN and PEO/EIS personnel, as well as representatives from the contractor and subcontractor communities, the CMC staff steered this diverse, cross-functional team.
Using the Balanced Scorecard methodology to drive organizational performance, PENREN selected pbviews as a means of automating the framework, providing clear visualization of goals and better alignment of activities to strategy.
LEGATO worked closely with PENREN to understand our business continuity requirements and delivered a solution that met our specific needs.
In this agreement, signed in LEGATO's third quarter, PENREN is deploying LEGATO's high availability software with EMC's data replication software as part of its total business continuance solution.
Providing for the common defense of our citizenry entails the creation, analysis and dissemination of highly sensitive and important data," said Michael Sullivan, PENREN program manager.