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PEOProfessional Employer Organization
PEOPhilanthropic and Educational Organization for Women (PEO International)
PEOPolyethylene Oxide
PEOProfessional Engineers Ontario
PEOProgressive External Ophthalmoplegia (genes)
PEOParliamentary Education Office (Australia)
PEOPublic Education and Outreach (various organizations)
PEOPostsecondary Education Opportunity (research newsletter)
PEOProgram Executive Office
PEOProduct Engineering Optimizer
PEOPerforming Engineering Operations (UK)
PEOPrevention, Education and Outreach (healthcare)
PEOPan-Cyprian Labor Federation (Cyprus)
PEOPublish Everything Online
PEOProfessional Engineers of Oregon
PEOPacific Economic Outlook
PEOProtect Each Other
PEOPigs Eat Onions
PEOPromoting Educational Opportunities
PEOPay Equity Office (Canada)
PEOPeace Enforcement Operation (includes peace keeping operations)
PEOPolar Earth Orbit
PEOPlanning Engineers Organisation
PEOPlant Equipment Operator
PEOPhysical Education Officer (UK)
PEOProgram Executive Office/Officer
PEOPrimer Estado Oculto (Spanish: Hidden First State; cryptographic protocol)
PEOProject Executive Office/Officer
PEOProgram Enrichment Office
PEOPlant Emergency Organization
PEOPersonnel Executive Officer
PEOPentagon Engineering Office/Officer
PEOProduct Engineering Office/Officer
PEOProgram Evaluation Office/Officer
PEOProduct Engineering Organization
PEOPre-Existing Ordering
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An added benefit of the SBEA, clients of certified PEOs can now take advantage of tax credits they may not have been eligible for under the traditional PEO model.
At low magnification the SEM image of PCS2 composite show smooth morphology with little crack formation showing minimum crystallinity of PEO and better adhesion between the components of the composite at this composition.
can quantify results he has achieved through a PEO relationship, including saving a small roofing contractor $10,000 in workers' comp premiums and administrative fees in one year, while he more than doubled his commissions on administrative fees.
The challenges small and mid-sized businesses face as a result of the ACA have contributed to the PEO industry's growth.
This means that the PEO will be responsible for classifying employees, communicating payroll to insurers, selecting appropriate coverage and paying premiums.
That strategy and the unique aspects of LCS lend themselves to a PEO structure that takes into account the complexity of a system-of-systems approach.
The cost of various insurance premiums to an employer, particularly workers' compensation premiums, has been and remains a key reason why an employer would look at a PEO.
When a PEO engaged with a client company, the agent would typically lose the workers compensation, employment practices liability coverage, health insurance and 401(k) business.
Accreditation shall be denied to any PEO that has affiliated, associated or employed a Controlling Person who does not meet these requirements.
On the whole, larger manufacturing plants are more likely to use PEO services than are smaller plants.
The opportunity to build a PEO acquisition management function that is truly value-added to the portfolio of program offices and initiatives supported by the PEO-STS.